What is a Good Video Editing Website to Edit Videos?

Video Editing Websites – What Features to Look For?


The use of video to share content online is becoming increasingly popular, and whether you are simply recording your everyday life or using video to market your business or product, it simply isn’t enough to just point and shoot anymore. With the rise of video, there is also a rise in the need to properly edit your footage; the internet is home to thousands of videos, many probably very similar to your own and proper editing gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd.

Video editing requires a number of resources, with the most vital being your editing software. Many people choose to use online editing tools as opposed to traditional desktop software; they are much more cost effective if you don’t edit regularly and if you choose wisely, you can find a video editing website with all the features you require. Desktop editing software is usually much more complex and without the relevant skillset and training they can be complicated to navigate. Video editing websites offer a much easier alternative, making it simple for even the most inexperienced editor to transform raw footage into an amazing, professional quality video.

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to video editing websites, and the quality between them varies greatly. If you are a bit of an amateur in the world of editing, it can be overwhelming when choosing which online editing software is right for you. Think carefully about what you want to achieve from your editing, and then look for a video editing website that offers these features. Here are the key features to take into consideration when choosing a video editing website:

Cloud Storage

Almost all video editing websites provide some form of cloud storage, but they will all vary on the amount of space included, many also offer different options depending on which of their plans you opt for. Cloud storage is important to consider if you want to be able to edit and share your videos at any time and from anywhere. Video files are large and will take up a lot of space, especially if you anticipate on having a lot of them; consider how many videos you will be editing at any one time and if you will be saving your completed videos elsewhere. A plan with only 1GB of cloud storage is not ideal for editors wanting to work on a large amount of footage, however 50GB of available space for someone wanting to edit one 30 second video a month is going to be wasteful. If you aren’t sure on how much space you will need, consider plans with unlimited storage options.

Video Resolution

Video editing websites often offer a range of plans with a variety of features, and a common feature to come across is the maximum video resolution. Depending on the website and the plan, the options can range anywhere from 480p to 4K Ultra HD and deciding which is best for you really depends on how you intend to use your videos. A snap happy amateur editing videos for themselves or to share with friends and family may be perfectly happy being limited to 480p or 720p, however a professional event recorder will require their work to be 4K Ultra HD. It is also good practice to consider the equipment you are recording with; if you have invested in a high-end video recorder that shoots in 4K you don’t want to be exporting your edited videos in 720p, whereas if you are recording on a low resolution mobile phone or camcorder there is no need to pay more for 4K exporting.

Easy Uploads

Due to the online nature of video editing websites, it is vital to consider the speed and upload times that are available. Video files can often be several Gigabytes in size and if the website you have chosen has a poor server or connection the upload time could be lengthy. The information may not be as readily available as other features, as upload speeds is often not advertised on video editing websites, however try to find out the sites server capacity if you can. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to get started on editing your new footage, only to have to wait ages for the file to upload.

Editing Features

Probably one of the most important factors to consider is the actual video editing features that are available, and whilst the basics will be included with all video editing websites, some will offer premium features that are only available in certain plans. Features to look out for are slow motion, screen recording, green screen and colour effects such as monotone and sepia. Think about the type of video you want to create and what features are going to be essential to achieve this.

Stock Library

Stock footage, music and images are excellent resources to consider when choosing a video editing website, they can be really useful if you don’t quite have enough footage to achieve everything you want from your video. Many video editing websites provide some kind of stock library and they all vary massively between one another. Some will be very limited, or only include music and images, whilst others will be comprehensive and provide additional royalty-free video footage as well. Explore the various options available with each website and decide what is really important to you and your video editing needs.

Titles, Intros and Outros

All videos should have some kind of introduction and usually a title. Many video editing websites offer a large variety of templates for both intros and outros, with some offering easy and simple to use drag and drop templates, making for a professional finish with minimal effort. Some websites include special motion titles for specific video types or themes, such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas and many more. These templates often allow you to add your own background music and personalised text, to make it fit perfectly with your footage.

Overlay Music

Music brings a video to life and choosing a video editing website that has a range of features for overlay music is essential. Some websites will allow for simple dragging and dropping of audio files to accompany footage, whilst others have more complex usability. Some software will allow you to add as many songs as you want to videos, even if the footage already contains its own audio. Video audio volume can be adjusted separately to the overlay music to create the perfect combination. Another common feature in video editing software is the ability to completely silence a backing track whilst video audio plays and vice versa.


An essential feature to look for when researching video editing websites is support, especially if you are less experienced when it comes to editing. Choose a website that offers some kind of user support, this will be very useful if you need some assistance whilst using the system and have nowhere else to turn to. Any reputable video editing websites will offer some form of support for their services, although often this is only included in their higher end pricing plans. Some offer high levels of support the more you pay for the software, so be sure to consider how much help and guidance you think you will need when making your decision.


Video editing websites almost always offer a range of pricing plans that include different features and services, this is helpful in finding a solution that suits your specific needs. They usually range from an individual plan suited to editors who are editing for home use or as a hobby, right up to corporate and business plans that are designed for companies and teams for professional use. Prices of these plans can vary greatly, so be sure to choose the package that best suits your video editing needs.

Free Trial

Every video editing website out there offers some form of free trial or free plan that you can try out with no obligation. It is essential to make the most of this option before committing to any contract or parting with your hard-earned cash. Try out multiple video editing websites and experiment with the different features and capabilities of each to determine what is important to you. Video editing isn’t for everyone, and you may find after using a free trial that it just isn’t something you can get your head around. It is better to discover this for free before signing up to a website, rather than investing your money in a service that isn’t right for you.

Professional Video Editing Websites

In addition to the websites that work as an online video editing software, there are also those that offer video editing as a service. This is an excellent option if you have little or no editing experience as you will still end up with a professionally edited video without any of the hard work and hassle. Often leaving it to those with the necessary training and skills is the best idea if you are truly after a high-quality finished product. Research various video editing services online and always be sure to check out their portfolios and previous client work. Some of these services are specialists in certain areas, such as wedding video editing or corporate video editing, and it is often best to find a service that can handle a wider range of subjects. They will be better experienced to edit any kind of footage you provide them with and will usually have a more comprehensive range of video editing skills.

Take your time to consider all your options and find a service that offers everything you need at a price that suits you. It is not always necessary to attempt to complete your video editing needs yourself and is often worthwhile to outsource to a professional. Invest time, effort and money into your video projects and it will pay off.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in june 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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