Viddedit | Wedding video editing service
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wedding video editing

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Your wedding video captures precious moments that you’ll want to treasure forever. Choosing a high quality editing service like Viddedit is guaranteed to bring your video to life.

With years of experience and a passion for creating perfectly edited videos, we’re committed to making you happy. This is why we don’t just offer exceptionally professional videos, we also only ask for 25% of the total cost upfront. If there are any changes you’d like us to make, we’ll even provide three free revisions to make sure you’re delighted with the finished video.

 what we do

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When it comes to editing wedding videos, we can do great things with all types of footage.

Creating your perfect wedding video doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive. We make the process simple by taking the raw video footage shot at your wedding day, then cut, sort and edit it into a stylish video that is the perfect representation of your big day.

 Newly weds

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If the footage from your wedding isn’t working for you, then why not create your own personal wedding video from your own footage. We can easily edit your footage into a slick and cohesive account of the day’s special events.

 wedding videographers

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Use our exceptional service to save time and money. Let us cut, edit and perfect your quality finished product. So you can concentrate on shooting videos. Viddedit will take your raw footage and create something amazing for your current and prospective clients.

 re-edit existing videos

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There’s nothing worse than feeling disappointed when watching your wedding video, especially if you feel the editing doesn’t depict your perfect day. Don’t worry! We can re-edit your current video into a stunning film that you’ll fall in love with.

why choose us?

When it comes to wedding videos, Viddedit offers a first class video editing service. We work with specialised highly skilled video editors to uphold our commitment to producing superior quality wedding video and complete customer satisfaction.

 how it works

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You : Sign Up

Register, describe your project ideas and make a 25% down payment

You : Upload

Upload footage to our secure server - this can be a complete video or collections from family and friends


We’ll edit the footage quickly and professionally before sending a first draft

You : Review

Review the draft and we’ll make up to 3 changes to ensure you’re happy with your final wedding video

You : Sign-Off

Sign off the final version and pay the full balance

You : Download

Simply click to download and keep your fantastic wedding day video

 our work

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Allow your guests to give you a gift to remember

Allow yourself to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests by getting them to send over their wedding day footage. We’ll then edit that footage to give you a fantastic ‘guest’s eye view’ of your special day.

Surprise the bride and groom

Want to make your wedding invitation stand out from the crowd? With our wedding editing service, you can create a personalised, fun and unique invitation that your guests will love to open and remember forever.

Wedding Invitation

Want to make your wedding invitation stand out from the crowd? With our wedding editing service, you can create a personalised, fun and unique invitation that your guests will love to open and remember forever.

Editing your wedding videos to suit your style

Our team of expert editors can help edit your wedding videos by adding styling that can completely transform it into a professional video. Whatever style you want, we can match. You can also share your ideas or past video to match your style of editing.

Fast delivery of your wedding videos

When selecting our services you can rely on our fast turnaround time. You can be assured that you will receive your edited wedding videos within seven days from the date of order placement. With our services, you can trust our quality work and our delivery time.

Get in touch for a corporate discount

When choosing a wedding video editing service, you’ll want to secure the highest quality work for the most affordable price range. We can help you by offering a genuine corporate discount for your wedding videos, so please get in touch for the best deals.

We bring old videos to life again

Do you have an old wedding DVD that you feel is outdated or needs improving?If so we can bring your old DVD/taped wedding video into the digital age,by providing you with a stunning new version to watch on any device at any time.

Clearer picture, better sound

If your wedding footage is lacking due to poor sound and video quality, shaky camera work or bad lighting, let us work our magic. Our expert wedding video editors will transform low quality footage leaving you with a fantastic finished piece.

Turning your video into presentable video

Even if your video footage is of low quality our expert editors can help transform it into something that is very much presentable. Our final presentation will be artistic and fun.

how to film better wedding video footage

To get more from your wedding day video footage, check out our guide on how to film better wedding video footage.