Video Editors Rates: How Much You Need to Pay a Video Editor

Do you cherish turning your raw footage into a masterpiece but wondering about how much expert video editing may cost you? Before seeking professional help, if you need to know about the video editors rates or video editing cost per hour, we can assist you with the most comprehensive idea.

Though there are no magic-bullet answers about the video editing cost per hour or how much to charge for video editing, we offer the most relevant real-life amounts here. Precisely, you have to spend an average of $100-$120 to get your video edited like a pro with us!

As we have already said, there is no straight answer about video editors rates until the editor gets your raw footage. We have to know about your requirements and the type of video you want. But to get an estimation, you can always seek our help at Viddedit. Please click here to get a free quote.

Viddedit is a team of passionate video editors. We can transform your footage into a bespoke video you will always love to share.

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Factors that Influence Video Editors Rates


Are you a beginner wondering about how much to charge for video editing? Let us put insight into the determinants that impact the fixed fees or video editing cost per hour:

• Project Complexity- One of the first determinants is how complex the task is. Do you intend to produce a high-class promotional video or family videos?

• Video Category- The editor’s rate varies greatly with the video type. Is it a home video or a brand’s storyline? The editing process also varies with the video type. We will discuss this fact in the next part of the article.

• Expertise and Technical Know-How- Technology has become so handy nowadays that anyone can take his iPhone and start editing. But to create videos professionally, you must know how to polish them. You must have the skill to make them high-definition with cuts, effects, or transitions. Some significant aspects to consider are 3D animation, professional videography tools, top-notch audio recording, etc.

• Raw Footage and Final Product Length- It is another significant factor to decide how much to charge for video editing or the video editing cost per hour. Sometimes,you require us to produce a 5-minute video from hours of shots. Again, we get footage shot with multiple cameras. These shots take a long time to assemble to create a short film and raise the rate significantly.

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Viddedit is the pioneer in introducing fixed rates and the most reliable place for turning your raw footage into a stunning piece you can always cherish without breaking your bank.

Viddedit on Fixed Rates


You would like to know what amount you have to pay upfront for video editing services, costing you no hidden charges. At Viddedit, we always offer fixed rates. Thus you always get an idea about the amount you are spending.

If you hire at an hourly rate and need revisions, you must price the additional time the video editor is spending. As at Viddedit, we work on fixed rates, we don’t charge any hidden cost.

Moreover, when you pay a fixed price, you can know about the amount you are spending on your video. But for hourly rates, you can only assume but not comprehend the exact amount you will end up spending.

Hence, at Viddedit, we give our clients a fixed cost upfront. The rate depends on the footage they send us to edit. So, you only need to visit our price page, share your footage in minutes or hours with us, and we can offer a price estimation promptly.

Now the question is, how much to charge for video editing and time does an editor require to edit a video? It varies with the client’s needs and project specifications. One compelling way to estimate the time is to analyze the source to editing ratio. For example, if the ratio is 10:1, a 1-hour video will need 10-hours of editing.

At Viddedit, we ensure matching your needs, style, goal, and video length with three free rounds of revisions included in the fixed cost. We guarantee everything essential to make it look the way you desire at a fast turnaround of 4-7 days.

We have cutting-edge editing tools with years of experience to turn your captured moments into a high-quality video. So, you can skip spending money on expensive pieces of editing software, setups, plugins, and whatnot!

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How Video Editors Rates Vary with Video Types


Family Video Editing


No matter if you have captured your family time with a professional camera or your go-to phone, we are there to weave them together and give the outcome a personal touch.

Editing family footage doesn’t require being that perfect sometimes. For example, when you produce a home video with footage of years, you don’t necessarily need to do things like removing the blemish shots, noise removal, etc. Hence, they are a bit cheaper, I would say.

For a short family video of up to 30-minutes and 50-shared pictures, you have to pay around $105 only. On the contrary, if you have tons of footage and want a holiday film of more than 180 minutes supplying 401-500 pictures, you must pay around $650.

At Viddedit, you only require to deposit 25% of the total price upfront and share your raw footage, and we will bring your treasured family video to life!

Wedding Video Editing


At Viddedit, we love editing your marriage footage to help you capture the precious moments happily lifelong.

Wedding video editing demands your extra conscience to make the final product look impeccable and eye-catchy.

Representing your big day cinematically through a film is a tedious process. We need to set up a storyline, keep all significant shots and compress lengthy footage into a short film based on the client’s demand.

Luckily, we get footage captured by professional videographers. Thus editing wedding videos becomes a bit easier that makes this task ‘not that costly.’

At Viddedit, you end up paying $105 to get a wedding video of up to 60-minute with 25% upfront.

You can anytime go to our price estimator page to get a free quote here.

If you are a wedding video studio and have lots of projects to edit in a year, you can request a custom quote.

GoPro and Drone Video Editing


Do you cherish preserving the memories of your dream adventure shot with your newly bought GoPro? We are there to give your desire a fly.

With our affordable GoPro editing service, you can get your shots edited, paying only $105 for up to 60-minutes.

Check out our GoPro editing services to know more about our works.

Drone videos, the hype of the time, are adopted by businesses like real estate agencies very frequently.

At Viddedit, we can edit your drone shots, giving it an utterly professional touch costing you only $60 for up to 15-minute video and 15 pictures.

Commercial Storytelling


Video is the most powerful tool to expand a company. Hence, the growing demand for corporate videos has made the editing task a bit tricky.

No matter if you require to build your corporate profile, promotional or educational videos, we can handle everything to bring your business to light.

Our corporate video editing service starts only at $50 and can go high even at $400.

At Viddedit, we are always willing to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime to know more about our video editors rates!

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