Time Lapse Video Editing Service

Time Lapse Video Editing Service

Some events can last for hours while others last for just an hour or even less. Whatever the duration, it can sometimes be a very boring and arduous task to watch an event in its entirety, especially events where you don’t notice much change. With our Time Lapse Video Editing Service, you can watch such events faster without feeling bored.

We offer in-depth editing, watching the footage closely so we can really capture the event. We are keen on every detail and choose the most exciting scenes to produce a mesmerising work of art. You can use a professional time lapse camera however time lapse video can be recorded using normal speed recording, then edited with professional time lapse software to speed it up. Another means to do this is by using cameras with built-in time lapse features which allow the camera to take videos in intervals of say 1 second in every 30 seconds.


You can be certain to get a professional time-lapse editing of your video if you employ the services of Viddedit. Plus when we convert video to time lapse itwill make your video more interesting to watch.

Our Time Lapse Video Editing Service makes the video clip appear faster than when it was initially captured. Just imagine you have to watch the entire process of a plant growing. With a time lapse video you can see this entire process in a few minutes or even seconds depending on how the video was edited. To make a video shorter but still put across the story, you’ll need the help of an expert like Viddedit.

Our highly experienced video editors canconvert video to time lapse and help you to isolate events that occurred over long periods. For example, if a camera is set to record the activities going on in a classroom, it might record 2 seconds for every 1 minute for the whole week. This will mean every 1 hour in the class will be represented by 2 minutes in the video. 6 hours per day in class will be presented in a 12-minute video.Five days in class for a week will, therefore, be presented by a 1-hour video. Alternatively, you can record all of the events in a week, and we’ll help you with the time lapse editing best suited to see all the activities in just an hour or less. Increasing the playback speed of an event is ideal for presenting events that go by with little notice, for example the hatching of a chick in a poultry farm.


With extensive experience and excelling in perfecting the art of time lapse video editing, Viddedit can be your ultimate solution to condense your long footage into a short yet bespoke time lapse video. Our highly professional video editors are happy to work on your footage to produce an incredible time lapse video, no matter how challenging the project is. Just get in touch today for a free quote!


What is Time-lapse


Time-lapse is essentially an innovative shooting and video editing process that can manipulate the frame rate: the number of frames or pictures coming in every second of the video. With time-lapsing, you can present and compress scenes of hours, days, or even months into a few seconds/minutes video, making it more dynamic and visually appealing.


Whether you time lapse the beauty of the dynamic nature of floating clouds, the setting sun, melting snow, or the ever-moving buzzing city life, you can add illusion and excitement to it by accelerating the video using a time lapse video editor.


How Does Time Lapse Work


Time lapse offers you the opportunity to capture the slow-paced actions around you and turn the footage into an accelerated video. Let’s get insight into the time-lapse working process.


Choosing the Subject


Carefully choosing your subject is the foremost step to creating incredible time lapse films. While selecting the subject, you should keep its change over time into consideration. A video that shows the dynamic changes of actions can create an illusion among the viewers better than a subject that has no change over time.




Video is the final product of several still pictures per second that create a sense of motion when played back. Now, if you take one photo per minute, day, or hour and play them back at a rate of 25-30fps, what will be the outcome? It comes out as an accelerated playback, also called time lapse, right?


You can obviously determine the frame rate while editing the footage in your time lapse movie maker, but you must take the pace of the action into account while filming to make the final product create a living story. You can capture individual shots with your camera at a pre-defined interval using an intervalometer. So you get some images spaced apart in a specific sequence and then weave them together into a short video. Though this process gives you better control over the image files, it’s time-consuming to shoot the images and edit them to get the final product.

If it doesn’t seem compelling to you, you can set up your camera in a convenient place strategically to shoot continuously until your desired action is complete.




Once you have completed recording, the footage is imported into a time lapse video editor to give it the desired lapsing impact. You have a handful of choices of time lapse movie maker to create stunning time lapse videos. But if you want that ‘wow’ factor in your time lapse video, the most befitting choice is to opt for a video editing service like Viddedit. Just film the video and send us the raw footage. We are happy to review your footage and turn it into a spectacular time lapse video creating a narrative arc.


Awesome Time Lapse Video Ideas


You probably have a handful of marvelous ideas you can’t wait to implement. But in case, you can film a busy walking street, melting snow, floating clouds, sunrise/sunset, starts movements, evaluation of a construction plan, city light at night, etc.


Have you completed recording your long-awaited time lapse video but lack the time or expert knowledge to use a time lapse video editor to transform your footage into a compelling video? Viddedit is there only a few clicks away! We can pick the keyframes and sew them together in the post-production seamlessly to offer you a stunning time lapse video you would always love to share. Contact us today to get your time lapse video edited most professionally at a very affordable price.


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