The top concerns about hiring a video editor

You might have a number of concerns about hiring a video editor and chances are we’ve heard them before! The concerns might come from bad experiences you’ve had in the past or advice or input you’ve received from other people. We understand the concerns, however we’ve got an answer and go above and beyond to prove those concerns wrong!
“I’m worried about the privacy of my footage”
Data security and confidentiality are at the heart of what we do. We do not keep your footage. Once we’ve delivered your final video we delete the footage immediately. This should give you the confidence that your data will always be safe with us.We use SSL standard to secure our home-page and our file exchange systems.
“Perhaps I should use a local company instead?”
You can save a lot of time and money by working remotely with a professional editing company like Viddedit. We have a team of highly skilled editors who will make this process so easy. You can communicate your instructions over email or you can call and speak to the team.
“Why shouldn’t I try to edit it myself?”
We understand that you want to save money but do you really have the time needed to dedicate to the project? Viddedit offers one of the most cost-effective pricing systems for professional video editing. Plus when you’re hiring a video editor you get your video much quicker!
“What is the turnaround time?”
When you see a video editor for hire you might be worried about turnaround time. We promise a fast turnaround time as we have experienced staff.In fact we’ll send your edited vid-eo within seven days of your footage being received.
“I have no idea how to upload my video to you”
Some of our customers worry that uploading footage is complex, however this is not the case, here is the process. You can upload footage to our website, or you can share a link to your footage stored on the cloud. It really couldn’t be easier! If you still need assistance you can schedule a call today with our experienced team to find out just how easy the process can be.
“I’m worried about the quality of the edited video”
We understand that handing your video over to a video editor for hire might seem like a big risk however you’re in safe hands. Video editing is all we do and we’re so passionate about it!
We’ve built our business on recommendations from our clients so we always focus on getting the final product just right. All our editors are handpicked based on their extensive portfolio. Click here to take a look at examples of our work.
“Do you have the professional tools to do the job?
We use the latest Adobe Premiere Pro software to edit your video, and use the best tools to color grade, stabilize footage etc. to do a professional job.
“What if my video isn’t in a format you can work with?”
We can handle every digital format of video. Send us footage shot from any camera and we’ll be able to work with it. That’s one of the major benefits of hiring a video editor!
“What if I’m not happy with the end result?”
You might be concerned that the edited video,when you choose a video editor for hire, might not be the one you were expecting it to be. However we provide three rounds of free revisions, so you can share your feedback and get the video done as per your requirement.
We hope we have answered all your questions, click below to start your project with Viddedit!

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