how to become a youtube sensation

YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social media channels in the world, with 300 hours of footage uploaded to the site every single minute. It is a platform for people to reach a large audience, but becoming a YouTube sensation is not an easy task. YouTube has loads of influencers with huge fan bases, who are not only growing their own audience, but working with brands to promote their products. It can be daunting when thinking about how to start to grow your YouTube channel; to help you on your journey to becoming a YouTube sensation, check out these top 50 tips:/h4>

1. Quit your day job


Trying to build your own online audience whilst also working your standard 9-to-5 is no easy task. You need to be able to dedicate a lot of time and energy in your YouTube channel, so take the plunge and hand in your notice to start really following your dreams.


2. Invest


Making high-quality videos requires investment in both time and money. Pick up a decent camera and microphone, and always shoot in HD. If your videos are poor quality, you can’t expect people to spend their time watching and engaging with them.


3. Post regularly


Set yourself a challenge to post at least two videos a week, or even as many as three or four if you can. This will help keep your numbers up. If you aren’t posting regularly you won’t build the audience you want.


4. Be patient


You will not become a YouTube sensation overnight, and being patient is so important. You will need to put in hard work, be open minded and prepared to learn. You might be getting only 30 views on each video now, but slowly and surely this will grow, and people will even start going back to your old videos as you become more popular, so never think of them as wasted time.


5. Utilise social media


It is vital to use other social networks such as Facebook and

Twitter to build your YouTube brand. Use them to funnel people through to your YouTube channel, this gives you the opportunity to reach viewers that might not have otherwise found you.


6. Stay persistent in the early days


The first year will be the toughest, and the majority of people will give up during this time. If you persevere through these difficult early days it will pay off, and eventually you will start getting noticed.


7. Collaborate


A great way to build your audience is to collaborate with other YouTubers and use emerging channels to benefit both influencers. Look out for other YouTubers who are at a similar level to you andthink about what you can offer them that is different to what they are already doing.


8. Learn from others


Before starting your own YouTube journey, spend some time watching popular YouTubers and see what they are doing and how. Get familiar with the current popular influencers and learn from them.


9. Choose a niche


It is essential to choose one main focus for all of your videos, whether it is beauty, DIY, crafts or fitness; there are plenty of topics out there to choose from. Pick something you are passionate and knowledgeable about, and something that you won’t get bored of after some time.


10. Consider multiple channels


Always start with a single channel in your chosen niche, but as you grow you may want to start creating videos on slightly different topics and subjects. Create multiple channels to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, it is essential to keep your channels relevant to their individual target audience.


11. Plan and schedule


Before you start creating your videos, plan them properly. Create a schedule of videos for your chosen niche, and brainstorm on the different topics you can cover. In the long-term it will save you a huge amount of time and stress as you won’t need to be trying to come up with original content every week.


12. Create a backlog


As well as planning what videos you will be creating every week, it can be useful to pre-film a few when you have the time. Film all your videos for the month in one day, get them edited and ready to go, and then as you are posting them throughout the month you can be working on next month’s content. This will cover you if for any reason you can’t make a video one week, and your audience will be none the wiser./h4> 

13. Good lighting is key


To make a great looking video, you need good lighting. Using natural light is a great way to create a high-quality video, if shooting outside, position yourself so the sun is front of you instead of behind you. If inside, use LED lightbulbs and a white umbrella to create a soft light.


14. Learn video editing basics


There is no need to become a video-editing pro, but the basic skills are essential if you want to take YouTube by storm. Simple software such as iMovie will do for basic editing, and you can watch YouTube tutorials to help you learn the basics.


15. Interact with viewers


As you start to build on your reputation as a YouTuber, your audience will start to interact with you and your videos. If you get positive remarks, take the time to thank your viewers, and if they have questions, be sure to answer them.


16. Don’t take negative comments to heart


It is inevitable that at some point during your YouTube career, you will receive negative feedback. It’s important to remember that you can’t please everyone, and there will always be some viewers who will criticise you. Hold your head high and keep going, the best way to deal with trolls is to just ignore them and carry on doing what you do best.


17. Monetize your videos


Once you start seeing your popularity rise and your subscriber levels grow, YouTube will give you the opportunity to make some money with YouTube ads. It is a great chance to earn money off your hard work. Don’t worry about the ads being annoying to your viewers, they are used to it on the YouTube platform and understand it is all part of the experience.


18. Prepare to never switch off again


Unlike your regular 9-to-5 job, as a YouTuber you can’t shut down and turn off your work. It is always on and always in your mind, at least it should be if you are serious about succeeding.


19. Learn to say no


When you are just starting out on YouTube, there will be some brands and companies that try to take advantage of the fact that you are new to the game. You may be offered something nearly worthless for mentions in your videos, be prepared to say no sometimes and know your own worth.


20. Pick the brands you work with wisely


Don’t just accept any deal a brand offers you, think about if their offer is worthwhile, and if they fit with your niche. If you start promoting anything and everything on your channel, your viewers will be turned off – after all, they follow you because they are interested in your niche.


21. Shake up your content to reach new audiences


Sometimes taking a different angle can bring you a new audience that you have never had before. Don’t always post videos aimed towards one age group or demographic, change things up occasionally and target an older or younger crowd, or maybe a new geographic area. Be careful to always stick to your niche, just in a new and unique way to how you have in the past.


22. Build your brand


When you become a YouTube sensation, you are essentially making your own company. Always focus on building yourself as a brand and stay consistent across all the channels you and your brand are using for promotion.


23. Prioritise your brand


Always remember that your brand is number one and should remain your top priority. Even if a big-name company approaches you for a collaboration, consider how it will benefit your brand, don’t get blindsided by their name and popularity, it might not always be right for you and your brand.


24. Become a one-man band


You don’t need a large crew to be successful on YouTube. If you work hard, you can manage the workload yourself, this will help save on costs and also enrich your skillset as your become your own editor, writer, marketer, and even accountant.


25. Avoid the trends


A large number of new YouTubers will simply look at what is popular right now and copy it, which is a very counter-productive way of working. Instead, look at the trends and think about what is missing, what is it that people aren’t already watching? The current trends are popular because there are already people out there who are experts at it and trying to compete with them will often be a waste of time.