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Gopro Video Editing Service

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Have you returned from your long-cherished adventure a long ago, but those enchanting moments shot with your GoPro are still sitting on your camera card? Shooting with GoPro is fun and exciting. And to get the best out of your GoPro shots, make sure they are made into a spectacular video.

Viddedit there for you editing gopro footage and turning them into something truly magical you would cherish lifelong!

Why spend endless time on learning how to edit GoPro videos when you have the most specialized GoPro editing service only a few clicks away! We have a team of handpicked video editors who will edit your shots the way you desire. With dynamic transitions, lower third graphics, effects, pro color correction, adding music, and smooth stabilization of shaky shots, we promise to bring your raw footage to life, making it worth sharing!

With dynamic transitions, lower third graphics, effects, pro color correction, adding music, and smooth stabilization of shaky shots, we promise to bring your raw footage to life, making it worth sharing!

Don’t worry if you need changes in the video we have edited after watching the first version. We are happy to offer you three free rounds of revisions to make sure the video is the way you have envisioned. We are a professional yet affordable online service for editing gopro footage, with our prices starting from $80 for footage up to 30 minutes.


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Extreme sports are thrilling. And it’s cool when you capture those breathtaking moments with your GoPro. If you want cutting-edge editing for your action sports footage to share those exhilarating moments with your friends, we are there to serve you the top-notch GoPro editing service.

We will create your adventure story so exquisitely that you will always love to rewatch and relive those exciting moments!

Just send us your raw footage and project information. We will do the rest to make your GoPro videos as marvelous as the experience of filming them.


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If you are a resort or amusement park owner, intending to sell videos captured by your customers as a part of your service or want to attract more visitors, you can outsource them to us. We can take on editing gopro footage for you at a competitive price, relieving you from the hectic of surfing the internet to find how to edit GoPro videos.

We are always happy to work on your resort or amusement park video post-production and would love to make them profitable enough besides your business.

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We are the pioneer in introducing fixed rates in GoPro footage editing and provide a complete and innovative post-production service just at $80 only for footage of up to 30 minutes. The price includes sequencing shots, adding graphics, smooth transitions, and music/audio of your choice, along with video stabilization.

Don’t worry about the cost if you have tons of shots running into the hours. We can help! Just get in touch with us here. We will talk about how you can reduce the footage amount to keep the cost low.

How it works

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Sign up to Viddedit. Start your project and pay a 25% deposit.

Upload footage to our website or share from the cloud.

We edit, add music, stabilize shots and deliver the first version.

You will surely love it, but if you need it, you get three free revisions.

When you are happy with the final cut, pay the remaining balance.

Download the finished video and share it with your beloved ones.


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Are you excited to see some of our marvelous works with other clients and desire your next GoPro video to have the same zest?

Check out some of our previous GoPro video editing works. They will surely spellbound you, and you will want to start your next GoPro project with us right away!


Gopro Video Editing FAQ

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How do I trim a GoPro video?

Trimming a GoPro video is pretty straightforward. If you are using the GoPro app, you have to go to the app library and select the footage you need to edit. Based on the length of your footage, the GoPro app will offer you a specific video duration. Then, you have to use the 'scissor' button, select the amount of time, move the frame back and forth to choose the clip you want, and the rest will be trimmed.

How do I edit my GoPro footage?

Once you have established a narrative, you can get into GoPro footage editing. Firstly, to extract the key parts of your footage, you need to crop and trim the footage to make it sharable. For sharing the video on social media, you can use an app, view it without any transfer, and extract a 15-25 seconds video. Zoom in on a specific scene to highlight it and make the video more dynamic, giving the static subject a sense of motion. Then you have to stabilize your clips to fix shaky shots and make them smoother. Bring life your GoPro footage by adding exciting video effects like split-screen, fade in/out, freeze frames, slow motion, etc. Finally, let your video sing by adding background sound and make the action match the audio tempo.

Can you edit the GoPro video on your phone?

Yes, you now have a handful of quality mobile applications that allow you to edit your GoPro video on your smartphone. Some notable free apps are Splice (iOS), iMovie (iOS), Antix (Android), GoPro Quick (iOS and Android), etc.

What is the best free video editing software for GoPro?

Some of the best free video editing software for editing GoPro footage are Quick by GoPro, DaVinci Resolve, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Blender 2.8, Hitfilm Express, etc.

What is the best way to edit a GoPro video?

For GoPro editing, you can use both software and mobile applications. GoPro cameras produce files in HEVC and MP4 format. While most video editing programs support MP4 format, you need robust graphics for HEVC format. You can use GoPro Quick (both on your smartphone and desktop), Pinnacle Studio HD, Final Cut X, etc. For more advanced editing, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro CC (paid), DaVinci Resolve (free), etc. Don't worry if you lack the time or knowledge to turn your GoPro shots into a bespoke video. You can opt for online GoPro video editing services to turn your GoPro footage into a masterpiece.

What is the best app to edit GoPro videos?

Some of the quality applications for editing GoPro videos on your iPhone and Android phone are GoPro Quick (iOS and Android), Splice (iOS), Antix (iOS and Android), iMovie (iPad and iPhone), Magix Movie Edit Touch (Android), etc.


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Viddedit was amazing to work with and the end result is wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about the video that they created out of less than perfect content. I could not be happier. Their policy of including a round of changes/fixes to the draft is excellent. 100% impressed by this company and would absolutely use again. Very reasonable prices, too.

Susan Walters

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Team Viddedit is amazing! I wasn’t sure what I was searching for when I needed a video editing service, but I knew I found it when I landed on their website. It was very easy to navigate their site to find the service I needed. Instructions are clear and payment is easy. I provided limited instructions for my videos, but the team exceeded my expectations with the results! I highly recommend Viddedit and will use their service again!

Jason St Clair

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Viddedit is AMAZING! We got our video raw footage from our videographer but never got the highlight video as promised, it’s been two years since our wedding. We contacted viddedit who were so accommodating as to what we wanted and revised the video exactly as we asked. We received our video back in one short week! Would highly recommend their service!

Siobhan Lemire

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Download the Guide

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Do you want to get the most out of your GoPro camera and shoot like a pro or want to know how to edit GoPro videos? Our pro editors have weaved together a complete guide to help you boost the impression of your action-packed shots. Download our GoPro guide to master your GoPro skill now!