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Drone editing experts

If you want to make the most of your video drone footage, whether it’s from a wedding, party, real estate or your holiday, there’s no need to learn how to edit drone footage. Simply choose professionals who have the right skills, expertise, and equipment to deliver a high-quality video.At Viddedit, we make sure your footage is edited to perfection, delivering superior quality drone video editing services and a fantastic finished product.



Drone wedding videos are one of the latest trends in wedding videography. This exciting technology allows you to capture your wedding function from up high and recount your story from a completely different perspective. With the best professional editing of your drone wedding footage, you’re guaranteed to have wedding video memories you can cherish forever.

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A new property perspective

Drone property videos add clout to any real estate portfolio and give you an aerial view of any construction project.With property video drones you can see everything in all its glory. With the right drone video editing you can showcase a whole new aspect of your property and maximise its appeal to potential buyers.

Sky High Sports Action

Video drones are now playing a key role in reporting news stories and sports coverage, bringing a different viewpoint to all kinds of events. To maximize the impact of your filming it’s imperative to utilize slick editing expertise to bring all your sports drone video coverage together into a powerful finished piece.

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High Flying Holidays

Holiday video drones make your holiday videos even more memorable, allowing you to put a whole new angle on your holiday fun. With skilled holiday video editing, you can relive those special moments from your holiday whenever and wherever you like.

Endless possibilities

When you look at how to edit drone footage you see it offers endless possibilities. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, family party or just want to get an eagle-eye perspective on a particular location, we can help you create outstanding drone videos from your footage that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

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With Viddedit we give you the option to direct us or let us have free reign to work our magic and create you an epic video. You’ll have time to review the footage and make as many amendments as you need – we even give you three edits for free. Once you’re completely satisfied, simply pay the full balance and download the finished video.

Our drone video editing process is simple. All you need to do is upload your video footage, pay 25% of the project fee upfront, and your dedicated project editor will do the rest; only taking full payment when you’re completely satisfied.

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Using hand-picked professional editors, we offer top quality video editing services to ensure our clients will love every project. We steer clear of pre-defined templates to ensure we deliver a bespoke, imaginative and creative product.

We offer a number of video editing and consulting services, so whatever your ideas, we’re confident we can help. Simply click here to contact us for a quote today.

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Sign up to Viddedit, tell us about your project and make a 25% down payment

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Upload your video footage to our secure storage

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We will cut, edit and produce a first draft for you, quickly and efficiently

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Review your video; let us know of any changes and we’ll keep editing until you’re 100% satisfied

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Make full payment for the finished article

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Download your video from our secure server

For fantastic footage, you’ll never forget, make use of our video drone editing services today.