Corporate Video Editing


We offer all manner of business video editing including Corporate profiles, Educational videos and Product and Advertising videos that are sure to paint your company in the best light possible. All you need to do is supply your footage together with details of your intended audience and the message you wish to send.


Our team of specialist corporate video editors have the knowledge and skill to see your project through from start to finish, offering you results that are far beyond your business’ expectations. We offer outstanding professional quality videos and only ask for a payment of 25% of the total costs upfront. Because we want you to be fully satisfied with final video we will even include up to three revisions until you are 100% happy with the result.


Conference and Seminars

We can provide edits to your conference and seminar videos. Let us produce professional results that you’ll love to share with clients.

Rebranding Existing video

Make your brand stand out! Viddedit can change the logo or text in your corporate video to reflect your brand identity and business.

Interviews and chat shows

Quality interview editing can save you time and money during the interview process, delivering a professional, polished presentation.

Product and Service demos

Our video editing can help you showcase your product and service demos, allowing you the opportunity to reach your target audience.

Podcasts and audio editing

Give your podcasts and audio recordings that professional, polished finish touch with our specialist audio editing services.

Real Estate videos editing

Showcase property and construction projects to a wider audience with superb video footage that gives a spectacular 360 degree view.

Industrial and shop floor videos

Our video editing can help you showcase your shop floor or service, allowing you the opportunity to reach your target audience effectively.

Instruction videos editing

For simple, easy to follow instruction and training videos, we can edit your footage to give you quality, professional polished results.


Marketing videos

Make sure your marketing videos are getting the right message across to the correct audience by using our expert editing service.

Polished speeches

Our edits to your video speeches will give you polished results, allowing you to share your knowledge and experience with your client base.

Children’s videos

Give your children something they can treasure for years to come and keep their memories alive with wonderfully edited video footage.

Company Profiles

Make your ‘meet the team’ profile page more engaging by letting our skilled editors create the perfect introductory video.

Online Commercial

We can offer specialist video editing that will help you deliver the right message from just a short video.

Promotional videos

Let us edit your promotional videos, giving you fantastic results to help get your company noticed.

Testimonial Videos

We can assist you with edits to your customer testimonials, offering a polished delivery to raise your profile and increase customer confidence.

Staff Training

Give your staff training videos that professional touch and ensure they will get full attention during your training sessions.

Event Management

We can provide editing to your Event documentation that will keep you at the top of your game.

Screen casts

Video FAQ and support screen editing that will help give you the edge over your competitors making customers feel more supported.

Talk shows

Let us help edit your talk show footage, giving you professional, seamless results that will wow your audience.

Cartoon Video

Our animation team can help make your cartoon video professional, engaging and something your customers will love to watch.

Motion Graphics

Our video editing specialists can produce exciting motion graphics videos that are certain tocapture your clients’ attention.

Whiteboard videos

Our video editing team are adept at editing whiteboard videos to your satisfaction, providing an end product that will engage your audience.

Music videos

We can cut and edit your music videos into exactly what you want, helping to promote and support your band.

Stop motion

We can help make your stop-motion videos appeal to a wide audience, with sharp sound, crisp visuals and a polished finish.

If you are looking for any other type of to be video to be edited not mentioned above, then please get in touch with one our team who will be happy to discuss your individual requirement and provide custom quote

How it works

Working with Viddedit is simple.

Register, detail your project requirements and make the 25% down payment.

When you are ready, upload your footage to our secure server.

A first draft of your footage will be sent to you as soon as we have professionally edited it.

Review the footage and let us know what (if anything) needs changing.

When you are satisfied with the result, sign off and pay the balance.

Simply download your finished corporate video from our secure server

To get the most out of your corporate video footage look at our guide on how to plan your video and improve footage quality.