Can You Create Virtual Reality Videos at Home?

Virtual Reality (VR) videos are slowly growing in popularity as they continue to improve the extent of our imagination. Because a majority of people have grown tired of watching 2D media content, virtual reality is now being used to convey information in a new and exciting way. You’ll even find some businesses using them as they try to interact and engage with their customers.


Here, marketing directors and business owners are constantly looking for the meaning of ‘VR’ and how they can use it to create relevant and catchy content. The adventure begins with what is popularly called (HMD), meaning stereoscopic Head Mounted Display. This is just a gadget which you’ll need to put on your head. Some of the best headsets include:


• The Sony PlayStation VR
• Google Daydream
• Oculus Rift
• HTC Vive


So, how can you create Virtual Reality Videos from the comfort of your home? Well, before we dive into the various methods at your disposal, let’s look at some of the businesses which benefit from this new innovation in technology.


Real Estate


VR solves some of the problems facing realtors by revolutionizing how they manage and spend their time. As a real estate agent, you have to use a good chunk of your time visiting different properties, handling traffic and dealing various client claims. However, with VR, you can provide your clients with a real feel of living inside the home without visiting the property.


Travel Companies


The first company to offer VR to its customers is Thomas Cook. Later, the group enjoyed a 180% rise in its conversions. It can be used to show potential tourists their holiday location of choice. Hotel and flight booking kept generated 12 million pounds with 40% investment returns.


In The Education Sector


VR helps learners to understand and apply information. It concentrates on key study areas such as biology, history, literature, astronomy and economics. Here, most students will tell you that it’s better to have a virtual trip to Mars or the moon other than just reading about it. The Apollo 11 VR project will help uncover the hidden secrets of the Solar system.


Creating Content for Virtual Reality Videos at Home


Of course, 3D-computer generated Videos are not new. Video game developers have been using them for several years now. However, 360-degree views of actual locations is a different ball-game. They require new equipment and rules.


Depending on your business, you can create catchy VR videos. Today, there are different apps that will allow you to make the best of these videos. Just take a look!


Photo Sphere


Here’s an amazing mobile application that’s free on both Android and iPhone Operating Systems. It allows you to make 360-degree photos by just taking pictures using the onscreen guide.


Even though it only takes just a few rotations for it to capture various aspects, it puts everything together automatically. With this incredible app, you can even view spheres from across the world either in the Google Cardboard or on your smartphone.


360 Panorama


If you’re looking for an easy app to use, then this should be your best bet. The 360 Panorama uses your mobile phone camera to put together pictures and make attractive 360-degree images. It sounds pretty basic, right? It just works exactly as it should. Besides, it comes with a Chamillionaire user testimonial on its iTunes store section.


Despite its ease of use, it does not have a beautiful or flashy photo Sphere design. Even so, it has arguably the best options if you want to share or view photos in different formats. It’s also quick and doesn’t need you to make several rotations.


Panorama 360


Don’t confuse this app with the ‘360 Panorama’ we’ve just mentioned above. While the ‘360 Panorama’ is available in Blackberry and iPhone Operating Systems, this app is only found in Google Play for Android Devices. Panorama 360 has additional features such as effects, filters, sharing and is compatible with the Google Cardboard. It’s a fantastic option that’s totally free!




Well, creating a 360-degree video is a bit more challenging than putting together a bunch of photos. However, using Splash on all iOS devices makes it quite easy. It’s simple to clean and allows you to view videos on your Google Cardboard. So, if you want to make captivating 360-degree videos, you’ve come to the right place!


Although this sounds quite exciting, you’ll need to get used to it to make attractive looking videos. Keep in mind that you’re using separate videos to make a larger and better 360-degree tapestry of videos. All in all, if you want to make the best virtual reality videos, here is a free place to start before moving into the complex world of sphere cameras and GoPro rigs. All the best!