25 Easy Promo Video Ideas

Videos are easily consumable, super addictive and highly entertaining, making them a powerful tool for promoting products, building brand awareness or launching a new feature. Studies show that a huge 78% of individuals watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos every day. There are so many options out there for Promo Video Ideas, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and what content to use, that’s why we’ve created a list of 25 easy promotional video ideas:

1. Customer testimonials

Create engaging content by producing videos of customer interviews and feedback quotations. First hand testimonials are relatable and personable for future customers and video is the perfect medium for sharing them with the world.
2. Introduce employees 
Humanize your business by introducing your team using video. It’s great to get your employees to answer questions or tell a story, this provides a personable touch and lets your audience get the chance to know the people within the business.
3. Reveal a product 
When you’ve launched a new product, one of the best ways to show it off to your audience is to create a video to showcase all of its features and do a demo on how it works. Not only will it show off the new product, but it will also build excitement and trust with your customers.
4. Share tips & tricks 
Do you have any useful tips or tricks that could benefit your audience? That’s one of the best promotional video ideas! Whether they are relevant to your products or more generic, tips and tricks are great for sharing on social media and often get a lot of engagement online.
5. Time lapse 
Large projects or any task that takes an extended amount of time is a great subject for a video. Set up a camera and film the progress over a period of time, speed it up a create an exciting time lapse video to share with your customers.
6. Blog post recaps 
Blogs can easily be recreated into engaging blog posts, especially those with simple bullet point steps. Come up with a graphic for each step and use them to create a video that recaps the original blog posts.
7. How-to videos 
Video is a great way to show an audience how to do something, the visual element is much more engaging and easy to follow than simply telling them how to do something.
8. Before and after 
If you are planning a big change then video is the perfect way to document and share it with your customers. Whether you are transforming a space, working on a big project or even rebranding, creating a before and after video is a great way to build engagement and excitement.
9. Event invites 
Video can be an excellent way to promote upcoming events or webinars, featuring the event speakers will add a personal touch. These video event invites can be shared on social media, promotional content and emails.
10. Q&A sessions 
When you’re looking for event promo video ideas, you could track down influencers and experts in your area and produce a Q&A video to share with your followers. This will provide you with unique and engaging content, and chances are the people you have interviewed will share the video with their audiences as well.
11. Video infographics 
People love infographics because they are short and get straight to the point, they get shared a lot online and can be an excellent marketing tool. Take any data or imagery that you want to share with your audience and create it into a simple infographic video, for a short and easy to digest way o sharing online.
12. Tell a story 
Share your journey with a story video. Stories are great for building trust with audiences and creating a brand that people know and like. Include characters that your audience can relate too, throw in a problem or struggle that is relevant to your target market, and end with your product or service providing a happy ending.
13. Share big announcements 
Instead of sharing big announcements in a tweet or Instagram post, create a short video with the announcement to share on your social media channels. It will gain much more engagement and buzz than a basic text or image post.
14. Stop-motion videos 
Many people think stop-motion videos are over complicated and take a lot of time and skill, but it is in fact quite simple and one of the best promotional video ideas. They don’t have to be that complicated at all and can provide a unique way to share something. Take quick photos of a product or person in action and put them together in a basic video creator.
15. Use a whiteboard 
People love the simplicity of someone explaining something on a whiteboard, and it couldn’t be easier to do, just set up a camera on a tripod and record. The person presenting doesn’t need to have great handwriting or illustration skills; just be sure they are personable and talk through what they are doing with the audience.
16. A day in the life of 
Stepping into someone else’s shoes is always intriguing and exciting, especially when they provide an insight into something that is very different to the audiences’ daily lives. Film short clips o one member of your team throughout the day and compile them to create a day in the life video to share online.
17. Thank your audience 
If you have recently had a big event or successful product launch, take a moment to thank your customers in a video. This a great chance to use live features on facebook or Instagram to create something personal and direct.
18. Roundup videos 
A popular concept for blog posts, roundups are a great way to feature a certain topic. Creating a short roundup video and sharing on your website and social media channels is a perfect way to engage your audience.
19. Answer FAQs 
Spice up your frequently asked questions web page with a video. There are loads of ways to get creative with this, whether it is having an interview with a staff member, sharing your screen to explain something, or using animations.
20. Introduce your business 
One of the best event promo video ideas is to share information about your business that your customers may not know, such as how you started out, what are your main values and missions, who are your key team members. An introduction video is perfect for using on your home page or about page on your website.
21. Conduct a public poll 
Get feedback on a certain topic or product by asking strangers in public for their opinions. Recording their answers and compiling them into a short video creates a great promo video to advertise your products and services.
22. Prove something 
If you’re dealing with a rumour or negative views about a product or service of yours, then filming it in action can be an ideal way to prove them wrong. Conduct an experiment or demonstration to show your customers exactly what your products and services can do.
23. Share a list 
Lists are very popular in blog posts, whether it is a list of tips, tools or ideas, compiling them into a short video is an engaging way to share them with your customers.
24. Create an office tour 
Familiarize your audience and customers with your surroundings and business by giving them a tour of your office space. People love seeing new spaces, especially if your office is unique and quirky. Get a staff member to hold the tour and film them showing the camera around the area.
25. Holiday greetings 
There are a range of holidays and celebrations throughout the year that your customers are getting involved with in their everyday lives. Whether it is Christmas, Easter or Father’s Day, sharing content that is relevant to the time of year is always popular and often well shared.

Try out some of the event promo video ideas and see how your customers interact and engage with them. Creating videos may seem like unknown territory, but once you get the hang of it they are really fun and simple to complete and share.

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